To the Chabot Football Family

Almost two years ago, Gigi, my wife of 39 years, asked me what I wanted for my 80th birthday.  She suggested several wonderful options, but I quickly responded that I wanted a Reunion of former Chabot College football players, Staff, Coaches and Special guests.  Well we do not always receive what we ask for, but in this case my wish has become a reality.

Knowing this was going to be a challenging project, we jumped in with all our enthusiasm and energy.  We asked for assistance from four former Chabot College football alumni;  Gerry Fisher (1962-63), Richard Statler (1963), Rusty Anderson (1965-66) and Larry Aguiar (1972-73).  The five of us and Gigi make up the Committee who will make the Reunion happen. What a "blast" we have enjoyed during this past year.


One might ask the question?  Why did it take so long?  Well, the spread sheets we put together included 680 players, former Chabot football coaches, former high school head coaches from our district and special guests.


We decided to invite only former players and coaches who were at Chabot College from 1962 (The first year) up and through 1978 (the last year that I coached).  There have been over 2000 players during the history (1962-2019) which makes it almost impossible to put on an event for such large numbers.  


The Committee has met several times and made this project a high priority in their daily lives.  We have been working to find addresses, phone numbers and emails for all the names on our spreadsheets.  We also have relied on many of you for assistance with locating former players.  Please contact any of the following committee members if you have contact information for any of your teammates:

Keith Calkins at

Gerry Fisher at

Rusty Anderson at

Larry Aguiar at

Rich Statler at

We thank you for your sincere efforts.  We will continue to pursue players up until July 19th, 2019 (the last day to sign up for the reunion online).

We are excited to see you July 28th, 2019 in Dublin.  If you know of any players who played at Chabot (1962-1978) please give them the following web site address:  so they can log on to receive information on the reunion.

  Thank you